+ S.S. George Stephenson

For the development of a steamship in the style of the 1950s, Gizom is supplying a large number of parts. The steamship George Stephenson is being built for and by Servaas Strik, who is tapping into his impressive collection of parts from old steamships, among other things. Mr. Strik had the ship’s hull built to a new design in 2006 at the Buijs firm in Krimpen aan de IJssel. A lot of copper and bronze parts such as pipes, fittings, flanges and appendages are used in the finishing of the ship. Gizom can quickly supply these parts not only in standard sizes, but in non-standard sizes as well. For example, round tubes used on old steamships have a larger diameter than today’s standard sizes.

According to the builders, the choice of Gizom as a supplier has to do with its wide and easily accessible assortment, the possibility of customization and the speed of delivery. Generally, orders arrive the very next working day. Because Gizom supplies a lot to the shipbuilding and steam engineering industries, many of the materials needed for the ship are in stock as standard. These include, for example, copper water pipes, fittings, elbows, welding collars, collars and welding end caps, as well as bronze fittings, slip on, threaded and blind flanges.
There is an article from December 2009’s Installatietotaal magazine about the relationship between Gizom and the builders of the George Stephenson.

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