Aluminium bulb and HP profile

A well-known profile within the maritime industry is the aluminum bulb or HP profile. The design ensures that the profile is ideal for use in welding operations, while also being easily accessible for cleaning.

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One of the most well-known profiles within the maritime industry and available from Gizom, the aluminum Bulb of Holland (HP) profile. Its signature shape makes the profile ideal for application within the ship’s hull. We offer the profiles in the aluminum alloy EN AW-6082 T6 (AlMgSi1) and is used in offshore as well as shipbuilding and repairs.

Overview Aluminium Bulb and HP profile

Aluminium bulb and HP-profile

– Available in alloy EN AW-6082 T6 (AlMgSi1)
– Materials can be cut to size and delivered
– On request, including certificates according to EN 10204/3.1 or EN 10204/3.2

Height in mm Thickness in mm Bulb profile HP profile (flag) HP profile (square)
40 x 4,0   m Add
45 x4,0  m Add
50 x5,0   m Add
55 x 5,0   m Add
 7,0   m Add
60 x 3,3   m Add
 5,0  m Add
 6,0   m Add
75 x4,0   m Add
 5,4   m Add
76,25,4   m Add
80 x 3,7   m Add
 5,0   m Add
 8,0   m Add
85 x 5,0   m Add
100 x 4,0   m Add
 4,2   m Add
 5,0   m Add
 6,0   m Add
 8,0  m Add
120 x 4,6   m Add
 5,0   m Add
 7,0   m Add
 8,0   m Add
130 x4,9   m Add
140 x 8,0   m Add
155 x5,0   m Add
160 x 8,0   m Add
185 x6,2   m Add
215 x6,0   m Add




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