Gizom is an international trading company specializing in non-ferrous products.

Specialist in non-ferrous

Gizom is an international trading company specializing in non-ferrous products. We supply customers all over the world with high-quality standard and customized products made of aluminium, copper, bronze, copper-nickel and brass. In addition to round tubes, our assortment includes profiles, elbows, fittings and reducers in various sizes.

Also stainless steel and aluminium brass.

Standard and customized products

In addition to an extensive standard assortment, we also supply high-quality custom work. We work with experienced professionals who are highly skilled in computer-controlled sawing, welding, bending, turning and milling. This allows us to produce exactly to your specifications, according to drawing or customer specification. If desired, we deliver with a certificate. Also see our projects.

Quality assured

Gizom products are used in the equipment, shipbuilding and yacht building industries, offshore, construction work and the (petro)chemical industry. In other words, environments that place critical demands on the properties of the material. In particular, the resistance of many of our products to seawater and various chemical compounds is highly appreciated by our customers. Naturally, we supply products according to international quality standards such as DIN and ASTM and, if required, we also supply products with certification according to ISO 9001:2008, Lloyds, DNV or inspection according to customer specifications.

Fast delivery

Clever logistics customization ensures the right balance between speed of shipment and cost. For larger shipments, we use specialized transport companies and international forwarders. Smaller international shipments we usually send through DHL. For smaller domestic shipments, in many cases we can even offer overnight service: called today, delivered tomorrow.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Have your product customized!

If you’re looking for a product that isn’t listed here or you need a product in a different size, please contact Gizom. For your specific customization needs, our experienced professionals are immediately at your service. We produce exactly according to the specifications you provide, based on drawings or customer specifications.


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